Strategic Priorities

(Article originally published in “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook” by Peter Senge et al (Doubleday Currency, 1994)

Alain Gauthier, an interdependent consultant formerly with McKinsey in Europe, works particularly in developing and coaching executive teams.  He developed “Strategic Priorities” as a next step beyond co-creating a vision: a means to turn visions into specific goals and a practice field for the team. Continue reading

Rediscovering organizational vitality

Core Leadership Development proposes a new “living” lens and learning approach that will enable an organization to rediscover its creative purpose and renew its innate vitality. Through this re-energizing process, there will be a sharper focus on unrealized potential, an increased capacity to tap individual creativity and collective intelligence, greater agility in dealing with unforeseen changes, as well as healthier relationships and lifestyles. If properly implemented, this approach will have a significant impact on the value creation and organic evolution of the organization. The benefits will be experienced over time by all stakeholders: customers, members, partners, shareholders or sponsors, community, and natural environment. Continue reading

Leading a learning organization

A Two-Day Learning Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the characteristics of learning teams and organizations                                     and the new roles of leadership.
  • Begin to practice some of the learning disciplines as individual                                                 leaders and in a leadership team
  • Understand the role and personal responsibility of leaders in leading                                     change. Continue reading

Building Sustainable Partnerships at the Edge of Chaos

Summary Description

Building sustainable partnerships among diverse stakeholders is particularly critical in healthcare, education, other community services and business organizations that have to reinvent and sustain themselves at the edge of chaos. This session will powerfully engage participants in exploring experientially how such relationships can be created and enhanced through the design of a learning field. Participants will learn to draw upon complementary disciplines such as dialogue, community building, complex systems thinking and embodied intelligence; they will also gain insight in what it takes to foster collaborative learning across organizational boundaries for the benefit of the larger community. Continue reading

Developing Collaborative Leadership in Healthcare

Detailed Outline for Two Sessions

Session One 

Day 1 Morning (8:00 am-12:00 pm)

  • Welcome; facilitators’ introductions; review of purpose and intended outcomes
  • Participants’ introductions and individual expectations
  • Suggested ground rules for the two sessions
  • Program overview (how we will spend our time together; mix of individual, team and group activities)
  • Questions: what does learning mean to you personally?
  • What are some key leadership qualities for healthcare today?
  • Review of key characteristics of learning organizations and corresponding shifts in leadership roles and competencies; introduction of vision-current reality-creative tension and of iceberg views of reality; types of structures (drawn from participants).
  • Current obstacles to learning and functioning as a team between physicians and administrators (in teams, followed by debrief) Continue reading