EBBF keynote on Evolutionary co-leadership

Alain Gauthier will deliver a keynote and facilitate a learnshop at the EBBF Forum on May 29 in Lisbon, Portugal, on the theme: Evolutionary co-leadership: The next stage in leadership and organizational development?

In the Keynote, I will highlight the key changes in the environment and the aspirations of the younger generations that call for new forms of organizational leadership which enable people to be co-creative in influencing the system they work in. Building on the key concepts and practices presented in my book that are relevant in the European context, I will show how evolutionary co-leadership responds to these new needs.

In the Learnshop, I will engage participants in an experiential exploration of the characteristics and practices of evolutionary co-leadership. We will first explore in further depth the leadership implications of the profound shifts that are occurring across all sectors of society. We will then identify specific conditions and experience integral practices for developing and nurturing the qualities and competencies of evolutionary coleadership – at the personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels. In conclusion, we will examine how to scale up evolutionary co-leadership. The target audience is actors of transformation from all sectors – particularly those who want to deepen their understanding of the “evolutionary call” and are experiencing the limits of focusing mainly on individual leadership development.

The learnshop will be structured around four key questions:

  1. Why is co-leadership needed in meeting our evolutionary challenges?
  2. What new forms and qualities of leadership are emerging at this time?
  3. What perspectives, agreements, and practices generate a shift to evolutionary co-leadership?

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