Alain Gauthier Radio Interview on Evolutionary Co-Leadership

Alain Gauthier was interviewed on December 22nd by Patricia Albere, founder of the Evolutionary Collective in New York and San Francisco, on the subject of his Ebook Actualizing Evolutionary Co-Leadership – To Evolve a Creative and Responsible Society. You can listen to the entire interview at Evolutionary Collective and the book is available on Amazon-Kindle.

Leading a learning organization

A Two-Day Learning Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the characteristics of learning teams and organizations                                     and the new roles of leadership.
  • Begin to practice some of the learning disciplines as individual                                                 leaders and in a leadership team
  • Understand the role and personal responsibility of leaders in leading                                     change. Continue reading

Disciplines de l’apprenance et management de la qualité

(Article Publié dans la Revue ‘Qualitique’ en Mai 2003)

Une entreprise acquiert un avantage compétitif durable lorsque sa culture, ses structures et ses processus lui permettent d’apprendre plus, mieux et plus vite que ses concurrents. Cette capacité d’apprendre ensemble, qui accroît en permanence l’intelligence collective, se construit au fil des années par la pratique de plusieurs disciplines interdépendantes. Dans le livre La Cinquième Discipline , paru en France en 1990  1 , Peter Senge et moi-même avons identifié cinq  disciplines : Continue reading

The challenge of stewardship: Building learning organizations in healthcare

( Published as a Chapter of “Learning Organizations – Developing Cultures for Tomorrow’s Workplace”, Edited by Sarita Chawla and John Renesh, Productivity Press, 1995)

My objective in this chapter is to illustrate the challenge of building learning organizations in a service industry that has to reinvent itself amidst drastic and multifaceted changes. This challenge calls for stewardship among healthcare leaders – the ability to see a broader picture and to take a long-term view. As Peter Block defines it, stewardship is also the willingness to be accountable for the well-being of the larger community, by operating in service of those around us. Continue reading