Educating evolutionary co-leadership to embody a radically new development paradigm

(Published in  World Futures, The Journal of Global Education  – December 2012)

The purpose here is to explore why and how to develop an emerging form of integral leadership – called evolutionary co-leadership – that is responsibly dedicated to the co-evolution of life and humanity on Planet Earth. After offering some fresh distinctions about leadership, this article calls for a shift to a radically new development paradigm, and identifies key qualities and practices of evolutionary co-leadership. It then shares some views on the multiplying effects of an integral approach to co-leadership development – in the context of transforming education – and conclude with some avenues to disseminate this emerging leadership form, mainly to deal constructively with what Barbara Marx Hubbard 1   calls the current “birthing pains” of a new civilization.

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A call for evolutionary leadership to embody a radically new development paradigm

(Article published in Presidency Key Brief – Summer 2012 issue)

We are witnessing, as some have identified it, “the end of a world” – as three great waves are now ending simultaneously: 1) A 30-year wave of ultra-capitalism and hyper-consumption that has been characterized by damaging economic excesses at the expense of social and environmental well-being of countless people, as well as the mindless pillage of the earth. 2) A 300-year wave of modernity that has brought multiple freedoms and human/social rights, but also an objectification of nature and humans, including new forms of inhumanity. 3) A 3000-year “mental age” – that has resulted in an imbalance between mental intelligence and body-heart intelligence. The conjunction of these three cycles has produced leadership forms that have inhibited the development of individuals, their communities, their harmonious relationships with nature and the meaning of their life. Continue reading