The triple impact of evolutionary co-leadership

Alain Gauthier presented on the triple impact of evolutionary co-leadership at the 2015 Integral Theory Conference in Sonoma on Saturday, July 18, 11:30-12:30. For more information on 2015 ITC and a full schedule of presentations, go to MetaIntegral Foundation.

The article submitted before the presentation was published in the August issue of the Integral Leadership Review.

The slidedeck used for the presentation is available below.

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Educating evolutionary co-leadership to embody a radically new development paradigm

(Published in  World Futures, The Journal of Global Education  – December 2012)

The purpose here is to explore why and how to develop an emerging form of integral leadership – called evolutionary co-leadership – that is responsibly dedicated to the co-evolution of life and humanity on Planet Earth. After offering some fresh distinctions about leadership, this article calls for a shift to a radically new development paradigm, and identifies key qualities and practices of evolutionary co-leadership. It then shares some views on the multiplying effects of an integral approach to co-leadership development – in the context of transforming education – and conclude with some avenues to disseminate this emerging leadership form, mainly to deal constructively with what Barbara Marx Hubbard 1   calls the current “birthing pains” of a new civilization.

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